The name 'Halzephron' is derived from the old Cornish language meaning 'Cliffs of Hell'.

Our company was founded in the kitchen of the farmhouse set above these cliffs at Gunwalloe, where in the late 15th, early 16th century the area was renowned for wreckers, hence the rather scary name!

We only use the finest ingredients and we are proud of our Cornish heritage.

About Halzephron

We have moved from Gunwalloe and we are now based a few miles away at St Keverne, within the grounds of Roskillys organic farm, where our fantastic team now create from a modern production unit onsite. Our wonderful products are still created by hand using the original recipes, producing delicious products in the same way that they've always been made - With great quality ingredients and in small batches, ensuring the taste is never compromised...